Monument – Delivering land estates where people love to live

Every one of Monument’s developments is just that: a monument to WA and our sought after lifestyle. We search for land that showcases the unique relationships between colours, landscape and lifestyle of Western Australia.

A monument to the land

A Monument estate is true to the ground it’s built on. We let the environment’s natural topography, materials, rocks, trees and other plant-life guide the design plan. These features are not only incorporated into it, they become the centrepiece.

A monumental community

We know that when you look for a home, you look for an area that reflects your personality. That’s why we imbue our designs with innovation, style and a proud sense of individuality. Furthermore, they’re close to everything needed for a thriving life: schools, shops, jobs, entertainment and more.

A monument to invention

We’re always looking for ways to weave creativity and interest throughout our developments. It could be in the paths that meander their way through the land, our bespoke street furniture, or even the natural materials we use. It’s this innovative spirit that makes a Monument community the kind you love to be a part of.


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